Laurel Place Incorporated. Laurel House, Maroochydore. Laurel Place, Gympie and Murgon. Also covering Moreton Bay areas.

Laurel Place Inc. provides specialised counselling support in relation to sexual abuse/assault within the Sunshine Coast and Cooloola region to children, young people, and adult women and men.  Counselling is offered free of charge either through the Children and Families Program or the Adult Program.

Children and Families Program

Laurel Place Inc. is funded by the Department of Communities – Child Safety to provide:

  • Counselling for children and young people (up to 17 years of age)  who have experienced recent or past sexual assault
  • Counselling for non-offending parents/carers and supporters of people who have experienced sexual assault
  • Counselling for children 12 years and under who display sexual behaviour problems
  • Specialised intervention for adolescents (aged 13-16 years) who have sexually abused*
  • An Indigenous Community Liaison Worker who is available to work collaboratively with counselling staff in providing support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and their families.
  • All clients will be asked if they are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Origin.  Please refer to Information Sheet on this topic for further details.

    Referrals to the children’s program are required from Department Child Safety, Qld Police Service, or other government department.

*Referrals for the adolescents who sexually abuse program can only be made by Department of Child Safety or Youth Justice Conferencing.  

Adult Program

Laurel House and Laurel Place is funded by Department of Communities to provide counselling support to adults and young people (15 years and over) who have experienced recent or past sexual assault.  Counselling support can also be provided to non-offending supporters of people who have experienced sexual assault.  Clients are able to refer themselves directly to the adult service or referrals can be made via other health professionals (with the clients consent).


Further Information

For further information on counselling within our service, please refer to ‘What is counselling with Laurel House or Laurel Place like?' and 'What is the process of counselling with Laurel House or Laurel Place?’ In the FAQ section.
Please contact us if you would like to discuss any concerns you have in relation to your own sexual abuse experience or any concerns in relation to the sexual abuse of a child or young person.

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