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Women’s Group

Laurel House and Laurel Place recognise the importance of offering additional options of support for survivors of recent sexual assault and childhood sexual abuse through the provision of group work programs, and acknowledges the enormous gains which can be made for some women through group work.

What are the Women’s Groups all about?

The Laurel House/Place Women’s Groups are for women survivors of recent or past sexual assault.  Group work can provide participants with an opportunity to;

•    Feel safe and accepted amongst others who share a similar experience           
•    Listen and learn from other women  who are survivors of sexual assault
•    Increase coping skills and provide strategies to assist women to move forward
•    Help women become aware of their own resources, strengths and skills
•    Increase social networks and reduce feelings of isolation

Our Women’s Groups may be structured in various ways, these can include;

Structured Group: Specific focus, highly structured with emphasis on psycho-education.

Process Group:  No specific issue, work on whatever issues arise in group and interactions between members, minimal structure.

Blended: General common issue (sexual assault) however there is no “set” agenda.  Topics are decided by group members and psycho-education can be provided as relevant to member’s current issues; medium structure.

Groups commonly operate from 8-10 weeks and each session typically runs for 2-3 hrs.  Each group will be facilitated by a minimum of two professional and experienced counsellors. 

Contact us if you would like to talk more with a counsellor as to whether or not a group is right for you and to register your interest for future groups.

Creating Safer Families

Creating Safer Families is s psycho-educational group program which has been developed to assist non-offending parents and all adult caregivers in providing safety for children in their care.  The program aims to increase awareness and understanding of child sexual abuse, including potential risk factors and barriers to safety, and assist in the development of strategies to respond to and overcome identified risks and barriers.  The program is offered over 4 weeks for two hours per week in addition to an individual pre-group interview and post-group review session.   We aim to offer the program several times per year as resources allow.  Please contact the service for further information.


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